Enable Ambassador

Want to be an Εnable ambassador?

What is ENABLE?

ENABLE (European Network Against Bullying in Learning and Leisure Environments) is a European project, funded by DG Justice of the European Commission. It is run by organisations in 5 European countries – Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Croatia and the UK.

The project aims to combat bullying in school by making a change to the whole school climate – including students, teachers, parents and the wider community around the school. At the heart of ENABLE is a firm belief that a holistic, all-school approach based on improving the emotional well-being of young people is the key to tackling and eliminating bullying.

The outcome of the project includes a better understanding of the phenomenon of bullying and the creation of a suite of resources – for young people, teachers, and parents – that will affect a change to the school climate, improve the emotional well-being of young people and as a result – reduce or eliminate the factors that would support bullying occurrences.

This project is targeting young people aged 11-14 years of age.

What will you benefit from being an ENABLE Ambassador?

  • You will be the first of a handful of educators in the UK to have free and full access to the new pioneering ENABLE Anti-Bullying Resources
  • You will be one of only 12 trained and accredited European ENABLE Ambassadors to use the materials for our 10 SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) lessons and our full Peer Support programme which includes resources for staff, parents and young people
  • You will be able to train colleagues in the UK to use these new resources – both in the school you work with and neighbouring schools.
  • You will get the chance to meet and work with other English speaking teachers from 5 different countries in the EU.

    european commision http://youth-life.gr/en/enable-en/enable-ambassador-en/157-enable-ambassador-news-en

  • Most importantly, you will be able to effect change in your school and neighbouring schoolsand see how our whole-school approach to tackling bullying really works. You will be able to witness how young people’s emotional intelligence develops and improves, how the role of bystanders changes and how all of that makes a difference to the whole school climate and ultimately reduces bullying.


Who can become an ENABLE Ambassador?

  • A school professional with interest and/or experience in how to tackle bullying in a school environment and anti-bullying methods and programmes
  • Experience or interest in SEL (Social & Emotional Learning)
  • Experience or interest in Peer Support programmesAble to influence leadership and colleagues at school to gain support for the project
  • Able to influence leadership and colleagues at school to gain support for the project
  • Have access or work closely with a group of schools who can pilot or be trained as ENABLE schools
  • Be available to be trained to use our new SEL resources and Peer Mentoring Resources in November/ Dec 201

What is the main role of an ENABLE Ambassador?

Be trained in how to use the set of 10 SEL lesson modules and how schools can set up effective Peer Support schemes to reduce bullying and improve their peers’ behaviour.

Be able to train 2 schools they work closely with to use these resources in Jan 2016 to help further cascade this information and training.

Provide support to schools they have trained between Jan and May 2016

The schools involved in the project will need to be committed to undergoing the training and implementing the new SEL resources and Peer-to-Peer Support Mentoring programme between January and May 2016.

They will also need to train & support at least one neighbouring school to use these ENABLE resources during that time.

  • Interested?

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 15 June 2015. Please tell us why you are interested in being an Ambassador and a bit about your background or experience.