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Άρτεμις ΤσίτσικαArtemis K. Tsitsika, MD, PhD is Assistant Professor in Pediatrics / Adolescent Medicine at the Athens University in Greece and Head of the Adolescent Health Unit (AHU) of the Second Department of Pediatrics, University of Athens. She has received the 2000 award of the Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine for her contribution to the development of Adolescent Health in Greece, and also 10 scientific awards.

She is an active member of the European Board of the International Association for Adolescent Health (ΙΑΑΗ). She is a visiting professor in Western Michigan University and University of Kentucky in the United States. She is the scientific supervisor of intense courses on youth with special needs and the State of the Art Adolescent Medicine Course, which takes place yearly in Greece.

   She has also introduced the selective course on Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics for medical students in the Athens University and has taken part in international meetings as an invited speaker. She has published a number of books in Greece and has also contributed with chapters in medical books in the international literature. She has been collaborating with Greek and international journals as a reviewer and has published research and review articles on adolescent health. She is heading one of the leading programs on safe internet use in Greece, as well as various others on youth eating disorders, obesity and sexuality issues. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  She has been supervising scientifically the NGO's "For Adolescent Health -F.A.H." and Obrela, and she is also the Greek representitave to the  ENACSO European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online She is a member of the Directory Board of the Greek Sociaty Of Adolescent Medicine