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Πρόεδρος, Τζίμα Ελένη

 She was born in Florina and she is a graduate of the "Anatolia College" of Thessaloniki. She has studied Medicine and had her degree from the Medical School of the "Aristoteleio University" of Thessaloniki in 1964. She specialized in Pediatrics in "Aghia Sophia" Children's Hospital (Chairman: Spiros Doxiadis) in Athens-Greece and got her official title in 1972. In years 1972-73 she was trained in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in Children΄s Hospital, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Between 1973 and 1976 she worked as supervisor in "MITERA" Infant and Child Center in Athens-Greece and in 1976 she completed her PhD research on the "Development of infants and children within an institutional environment".

She had additional training for two years (1976-78) in London-England, having had a Scholarship through the Greek National Institution of Goverment Scholarships, in Developmental, Behavioral and Community Pediatrics in Wolfson Centre, of the London Child Institute of Health.

At the same time she was research collaborator in research programs of the Thomas Coram Research Centre of London-UK and she was honored with the title of Honorary Research Associate. She was also fully trained in Biostatistics through special courses of the London University.

During the period 1978-1985 she was the Scientific Supervisor in "MITERA" Infant and Child Center in Athens-Greece, having also educational and clinical duties.

In 1985 she was appointed as Chairman of the Dpt of Pediatrics of NIMTS General Hospital in Athens-Greece and she retired from this position in 2008.

She is a founding member of the «Greek Society of Adolescent Medicine», and Vice President of the Directory Board of the Society. She has been actively contributing to the promotion of youth health programs in Greece, since 1992.

In May 2008, she contributed to the founding of the Non-Government, Non-Profit Organization "For Adolescent Health (FAH)" . She is now President of the Directory Board of FAH and has been working on all clinical, educational and research levels on youth health. The NGO FAH has been promoting adolescent health in Greece, in collaboration with other local, European and International Organizations.

She loves music, the theatre and playing with her grandchildren.